Membership Information

Full Membership

Individuals interested in obtaining Initiation in the UR-OTO are invited to contact any UR-OTO Lodge.

Asociate Membership

Associate Membership in the UR-OTO is automatically granted to everyone who joins the cyber-Lodge Baphomet.

Baphomet Lodge

Individuals without access to a local Lodge can apply to Baphomet cyber-Lodge for Initiation and Full Membership that is conferred through E-mail.

Baphomet Lodge Information



  • Local groups may petition the Areopagus for a Charter. The Areopagus can be contacted through the Master of Baphomet Lodge.
  • Any member of the Sovereign Sanctuaries of the Gnosis that are without the UR-Gnosis may petition the Areopagus for enrollment in the UR-Sanctuary.