Membership Information

Full Membership

Individuals interested in obtaining Initiation in the UR-OTO are invited to contact any UR-OTO Lodge.

Asociate Membership

Associate Membership in the UR-OTO is granted to everyone who is at least eighteen that requests it from Baphomet Lodge. You are invited to write to the address below and request an Associate Membership application:

Baphomet Lodge

Individuals without access to a local Lodge can apply to Baphomet cyber-Lodge for Initiation and Full Membership that is conferred through E-mail.

Baphomet Lodge Information



  • Local groups may petition the Areopagus for a Charter. The Areopagus can be contacted through the Master of Baphomet Lodge.
  • Any member of the Sovereign Sanctuaries of the Gnosis that are without the UR-Gnosis may petition the Areopagus for enrollment in the UR-Sanctuary.