Baphomet Lodge

Anyone who desires Initiation but doesn't have access to a local Lodge, may apply for Initiation through Baphomet Lodge of UR-OTO, a Virtual Lodge of the Experimental Axis that operates in cyberspace.

If accepted, you will be sent a simple ceremony to perform in your home that confers the Minerval Degree (0°). All of your contact with Baphomet Lodge will be through E-mail. Membership in Baphomet Lodge links you to the Current of UR-OTO, and grants you access to our internal E-mail discussion group and private chat room, providing fellowship and fraternity with other Initiates.

Baphomet Lodge is a teaching and Initiatory Lodge. In lieu of a physical Lodge building, Baphomet Lodge offers an optional E-mail correspondence course that supplies the knowledge that would be obtained from membership in a physical Lodge. Those who successfully complete the course are officially conferred with the First Degree (I°). The course is available in English only, and further Degrees will probably be added in the future.

Anyone who is at least eighteen, and is interested in obtaining Initiation through Baphomet Lodge is invited to E-mail the address below and request a membership application: