Baphomet Lodge

Anyone who desires Initiation, but doesn't have access to a local Lodge, may apply for Initiation through Baphomet Lodge of the UR-OTO, a Virtual Lodge of the Experimental Axis that operates in cyberspace.

If accepted, you will be sent a simple ceremony to perform in your home that confers the Minerval Degree (0°). All of your contact with Baphomet Lodge will be through E-mail. Membership in Baphomet Lodge links you to the Current of UR-OTO.

Occasionally, Baphomet Lodge provides one-off Initiations into Degrees above Minerval, through a free E-mail correspondence course.

Anyone who is at least eighteen, and is interested in obtaining Initiation through Baphomet Lodge, is invited to write to the address below and request a membership application: